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Timothy Spann

This site is my site for working with Cloud Data Warehouses.   I am a Senior Sales Engineer focusing on cloud data warehouses, ingest, deep learning, big data, IoT, AI and streaming technologies.

I cover the east coast of the US and lead, educate, develop demos and curriculum, speak to dozens of Fortune 500 companies, speak at conferences and be a Developer Advocate for Cloud Data Warehouses. I love developing, building and giving workshops to clients, partners and prospects. I have been running well-attended meetups for years and will continue enabling others to run them as well. I have a passion for running AI/ML/Deep Learning at the edge and have personally purchased, developed, architected, built, demoed and broadcast solutions for devices such as NVidia Jetson Nano, NVidia Jetson TX1, Raspberry Pi with Movidius 1 and 2, Google Coral, Garden Hat, many things from Adafruit

Senior Solutions Engineer. Field Engineer.  Big Data Architect. Senior Java Developer with Snow Flake Datawarehouse, Apache NiFi, Python, Apache MXNet, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Redis, AWS, Mongodb, Spring Boot, Scala, Hbase, Python, TensorFlow, NLTK, NIFI, Hortonworks HDP, HDF, Hive, Sqoop, Flume, ORC, Parquet, SQL, HAWQ, SnappyData, Apache Geode, Gemfire, Apache Ignite, MYSQL, Postgresql, Oracle, CloudFoundry.

I have given talks at Oracle Code NYC 2017, Dataworks Summit 2017 Sydney, DataWorks Summit 2018 Berlin, IoT Fusion 2018, DataWorks Summit 2018 San Jose, Strata NYC 2018, ApacheCon 2018, DataWorks Summit Barcelona 2019, DataWorks Summit DC 19, Edge2AI Roadshow 2019, DataInMotion Virtual Event.   I have also spoke at dozens of meetups in Princeton, Prague, New York, Edison and Berlin.

Specialties: Cloud Data Warehouses / Cloud / AWS / Google Cloud / Azure / NiFi / Streaming / IoT / Deep Learning / Devices / Java Architecture / Planning / Development / Mentoring / Coding / Team Development / Web Development / Big Data / Cloud / Solutions Engineering / Pre-Sales / Post Sales / Consulting / Tech Lead / IoT Design / Real-Time Streaming / Big Data Architecture / Data Ingestion / Connected Cloud / Social Media / Big Data Evangelist / Blogger / Author / Analyst / Zone Leader / Microservices Architect / Cloud Architect 








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